What Is An Orangery and Why Should You Invest In One?

Published On: 28 September 2022
Large Orangery

Orangeries have been popular since the Victorian era, when they were used as a way to grow exotic fruits and vegetables in the winter months. The trend has continued today with homeowners installing orangeries to extend their living space, create a stunning focal point and increase the amount of light entering the property, especially during winter months. If you’re interested in installing one of these beautiful structures on your property, read this blog post for more information about what it is and why people like them so much.

An orangery is often used as a living space, dining room, or entertainment area. The word “orangery” comes from the French term for orange tree (orangerie). This type of building was popular in 17th and 18th century England where it was considered an extravagant luxury to have such a structure built onto one’s home or garden. Today, there are many different types of orangeries available depending on your design preferences and budget range.

Extra space

The orangery is a great addition to your home if you are looking for extra space. It can be used as an extension of the house, adding more living space in an attractive and stylish way. You don’t need any other heating system because there’s always enough sunlight coming through from outside that keeps it warm during winter months and cool during summertime!

Extra light

Are you looking to add more light to your home? Consider an orangery. The natural lighting will make for a more welcoming space that can be used any time day or night. Finally, with all this extra light coming in through such large windows, you’re sure to find ways to get creative with how you decorate!

Extra impact

The best thing about orangery is the opportunity it provides to create a stunning feature in your home. It can be used as an extension of your living space, providing you with a place to relax and entertain guests. If you’re interested in adding this type of structure to your property, then we recommend consulting our professional team for some essential advice on how to go about doing so.

There are so many advantages to an orangery. Not only does it provide you with extra light, but it also adds a sense of style and luxury to your home. It is the perfect place for entertaining guests or just relaxing in the sun. You can even create your own greenhouse effect by filling them with plants and flowers. Whatever your aim is, you will not regret installing an orangery!